My name is Jonathan, and I am a Senior Anthropology Major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am also Pre-Medical, so I have been able to use my Anthropology background to see a different side of medicine. I believe that the in depth study of social relations and culture that Anthro has given me will aid in my future desires to pursue the medical field. In this blog, I hope to explore modern food production, and how hormones and pesticides have created cheaper and more plentiful food. However, they have also made healthy, organic options largely unattainable for most Americans. Modern production of foods incorporates a wide range of synthetic chemicals, and many of these chemicals have the potential to be very damaging to humans if they are exposed to high concentrations, or even low concentrations over an extended period of time. Furthermore, it has allowed large corporations and chains to aggressively monopolize local retailers, and has proved detrimental to privately-run farms. In this blog, I hope to update you on both the biomedical risks of enhanced food production as they become available on a day-to-day basis, and activist efforts to spread more accessible food across socio-economic boundaries. The latter is of particular concern in large, urban areas, which tend to see a greater degree of economic stratification.


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